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Everything you need to get that Yard started with al the looks of the real thing without the hassle. Whether you have a container facility, intermodal rail yard, or a trailer terminal, our Intermodal Yard series Surface Prints offer outstanding looks and spacing for you replicating real-life satellite images from real Yards, Docks, and facilities.  What's even better is that our Yard series is completely customizable to meet your available space. 

intermodal yard


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Available Intermodal Yard Series items

Container Depot - Large enough to store over 500 stacked containers! Don't worry, we got 1-piece Container Blocks and Columns ready to save you money and fill up this baby with ease!

Rail Yard - 2 track sections with exact separation used in L.A. yards. One kit will allow you to print out as many tracks as needed and as long as you want it! Hand painting or stencil use will not match our surface prints. You cant go wrong!

Semi-Trailer Parking lanes - Replicating a real BNSF yard layout for trailer usage aside the rail yards for piggy-back loading. A simple section to add no doubt but man does it look good!

Port Loading Lanes- Got a container facility with ship and crane? You need this! Safety and order are crucial in crane operations at any intermodal port and these simple lanes are exact separation and tracing as found in any Long Beach port terminals.

Concrete surface filler - After all that yard surface placing, we know you will need to fill in corners and irregular areas not covered by our kits. This section is color matched to fill in any left over space.

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