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We were requested by multiple customers to offer on our models the ability to print the insides of all our new container and trailer models on the back of them from a separate PDF style product. We had already offered the insides of trailers in an "Insert" style product but decided this would be much better for modelers and would look better so this is what we ended up with thanks to over 20 volunteers and multiple print testing, we finally have a working product to upgrade all-new Trailer and Container models from now on.


Double-Side Printing

This is the Seal that will visually indicate which models will be Double-Side Printing Compatible. It will be included in every new model and in our release announcements for easy identification.


Please note that the setup for these was determined on previous testing and not all home printers will be compatible with these. If you don't know if it will work for you yet, we have a free proofing file for you to try out first before purchasing any of these new models. We do this because as you may guess, there can't be any refunds or returns on digital media. Please click on the black boxes below with your correct scale for Double-Side Print Testing.

Print the Test went well?  Now it's time to upgrade your new models with either Dry or Reefer insides!!!


Click on either HO or N to select from our available Inside Printing options


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